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    Akemi Homura is a classmate and protector of Madoka. Together with her and Mami, she fought Walpurgis Night before her friends died. I asked Kyubei to repeat their first meeting with Kaname and as a result got the ability to manage time. Akemi later found out about the plans of the Mascot and vowed to stop Madoka from signing a contract.

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    Returning to the past to save Madoka, Homura created many alternative dimensions around her. After she became a deity, despite her efforts, Akemi tried to cope with loneliness. Ultimately, she was reborn into the devil and made Kaname in her own world. You can: заказать на сайте Akemi

    Akemi Website Story

    Khomura was originally a weak and defenseless girl. She had to wear glasses due to poor eyesight and miss a significant part of her classes due to heart disease. She was attacked by a witch, from whom the girl was rescued by Madoka and Mami. From them, Khomura learned about witches, sorceresses and that a girl who signed a contract with the Incubator can fulfill any desire.

    When Walpurgis Night arrived in the city, Madoka fought with the witch and died in front of Khomura. After the incident, Kubei invited Akemi to become a sorceress, and she agreed, wishing to meet Kaname again in exchange.

    Thanks to her desire, Homura returned to the past for one month and received the magic of time management. Akemi moved about a hundred times in the past in an attempt to change the fate of Madoka. As a result, she learned about the true plans of Kyubei, as well as the fact that sorceresses are doomed to turn into witches and perish in despair.

    In the future, she seeks to prevent Madoka from becoming a sorceress, wanting to protect her. Since the friends did not respond to the warning about the intentions of the mascot, in the version of the story on which the series is focused, Homura does not try to explain his motives and goals.

    After Madoka became a goddess and disappeared without a trace, Homura became the only one who remembered her friend and her victim. In a series of feature films retelling and continuing the events of the series, the Incubators, who learned from Akemi about the existence of Kaname and witches, decide to verify the information received through an experiment.

    In the course of the experiment of Khomur, whose Gem of the soul was overwhelmed with darkness, lies a barrier that isolates it from the strength of Madoka.

    Unlike classic witches, who seek to bring grief and death to people, Khomura places residents in an idealized version of their hometown, which cannot be abandoned. Akemi's strength falsifies the memories of her victims, causing no one to notice the catch.

    After the liberation of Homur’s Incubators from the barrier, thanks to his love of Madoka, he is reborn into a god-like creature that is neither a witch nor a sorceress. Her new strength allows the girl to kidnap the human aspect of Kaname and rebuild the world, allowing the student to live a peaceful life.